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Is the traditional resume dead, and are we prepared for it?

  • As I was catching up on a little weekend blog reading, I stumbled upon an interesting piece the Wall Street Journal had posted on the demise of the resume . The huge irony is that I'm currently working on the last post in my "backpack to briefcase" series on The LI$T and guess what I'm writing about?? You guessed it. Resume writing!!


    So reading this little "extra extra item" gave me some pause. It made me think about the hundreds of students who have been trained since junior high (myself included), that having a solid resume was the best way to make a good impression on a potential employer.


    In the digital age where most Americans have a strong online presence, some even from birth (thank proud mommies and daddies who post pics and videos of their bundles of joy on Facebook in real-time), it begs the question of why we are still encouraging our young people to prepare for their careers by agonizing over the best way to craft a piece of paper.


    Is it time for our career services offices to start preparing students for a new type of resume? One that focuses on crafting the most effective Linkedin profile, assembles together one's best Slideshare presentations, and highlights their most intuitive and thought-provoking Google+ and Facebook posts.


    No doubt, our world is changing and our students, both young and seasoned, are expected to know how to relate to a highly digital, paperless world. I'm curious to know how colleges and universities will adapt.