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  • The recent shooting at U.C.L.A is just plain wrong, and points too two major issues in American University education. Firstly, there needs to be a better mechanism where faculty and a disgruntled stiduent need to work out differences. If the quality of the students' work is not acceptable, then there needs to be more attention given to the student's work.

    Another point is that graduate school is a tough place to be because the environment is filled with tension and ego. Proposals to let members of the university carry weapons is just plain wrong. The University administration needs to soften the tension between faculty and graduate student. Holding grudges against professors and the other way around is just plain wrong. Too many times the graduate student feels intense pressure from graduate commitees and rules and regulations that are filled with tension and in some cases bias.

    Faculty and student's need to work together to stop the violence and contribute research that is important to social life. A graduate professor once told me that graduate programs should be filled with competition and tension. This is nuts because we need productivity not people in the academy carrying out grudges.




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  • Larry Marsh
    Larry Marsh One problem is that a graduate student's advisor is usually the very person that that graduate student is working closely with and may come in conflict with. A separate academic advisor needs to be assigned to each student -- one who is not directly invol...  more
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    Robert Ostrow We all went to graduate school with the goal to be a professional of some type. I agree that more people need to be involved in a graduate student's work. Sociology is an example where a limited number of faculty make global decisions on a prospective can...  more
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