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  • For awhile now Dr. Tim Megettigan has been leading a battle at Colorado State University to keep the university running for its student population. I am aquainted with Dr. Megettigan who is on my face book account and I am uniquely familliat with, because he is one of the major editors and contributors to Soc Journal an Electronic Sociology journal.

    At CSU a bitter dispute over budget deficits threatens to curtail student programs, cut faculty positions, and try and start some type of new campus in Denver Colorado. Let us face it, for many years the universities in both Canada and Michigan in particular have become corporate style "cash cows". Student rights, faculty rights, and the plight of the adjunct professor have come into question. At CSU, there are 25 faculty positions that will be eliminated and put students in jeapordy. 

    As concerned citizens of the acdemic community I would think that these developments should be alarming because the instructor invests most of his time preparing his/her courses for students not administrators. I would also like to mention that Dr. Donna Sounder of the English department is also involved in the budget fight. There are always two sides to these sad stories and it is the student who looses in the end. I have been involved in many work actions on university campuses, because the insensitive administrator, who sits with a computer tries to rationalize that budget money needed to be taken away from student programs, so the university builds giant state of the art buildings no one needs.

    Recently Dr. Megettigan's email rights were taken away because of his sensitive concern that students and faculty who are not tenured, or have one year appointments will loosr their positions. If you want to read more about this go to the Colorado State University/Pueblo website and see what is goin on. You may also read the Denver Post for more information. I have been familliar with Dr. Megettigan's work as a sociologist, and his contributions to the Soc Journal with Dr. Michael Sosteric. There is nothing fancy, statistical, analytical, or complicated about this argument. We need to serve our students and tell these administrators to join us in the most important job in this country. THAT IS TO SUPPORT, EDUCATE, AND ALLOW STUDENTS TO HAVE A GREAT EDUCATION AND FUTURE.