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  • The continuing administrative and budget mess at Colorado State University continues. Driven by concerned professors and students, the pressure is on against major administrators at the universuty. These leaders of higher education at CSU say that the budget is something like three million in the whole. So one of the great leaders of the rebellion had his email closed because the administration was afraid of a terrible backlash against them. So jobs such as Adjunct professor appontments, and other teaching positions, that are not tenured have been terminated.

    Influential outside support has come to explain to these administrators that their is something wrong at the school. Located in an area of Colorado tha has many minorities, the university system had decided that maybe we will shift resources to a more acceptable location, in Denver. I for one have supported Dr. Tim Meggetigan in his quest to maintain academic freedom on the campus. The issue includes giving people a chance to have a future with an excellent education. So the pressure is on and anyone can be removed by these corporate monsters who claim to be interested in the future of our educational institutions.

    In fact, a number of emails were revealed early on that showed that the chancellor and his buddies joking around about the whole situation at hand. Colorado State University is a large university system across the state. In my sttae we do not have large educational systems and universities still battle with the state to get public funding. There are also many private colleges and universities that suffer financial hardships just like everyone does. The point is we need to save the futures of our students and participate, where we can, to reveal all the financial problems so everyone can be involved to address and solve the problems. It is not only faculty involved at CSU, it is the dynamic staff that works there. I pray to god that  CSU makes it through this mess and the principle administration officals are removed.