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Competency Based Education

  • In recent years, several higher education institutions have recognized the need to reconsider the model through which adult learners complete programs yielding credentials. Innovations have resulted through the tools digital technology provides us. 
    Competency Based Models of Instruction also emanates from the need to re-educate adults in the workforce and provide credentials in response to marketplace demands. 
    Below is an overview of how Salt Lake Community College is implementing Competency Based Learning Model --
    Evolllution article on Competency Based Education

    I encourage other members of the Profology network to share their experiences, within their institutions, as to the implementation of this model. It is useful to learn

    • how many institutions are moving in this direction --- 
    • how rapidly are they seeking to change -- 
    • which kinds of programs are changed in this manner --- 
    • if grant funding or institutional funds support this transformation????